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Lost Drabble: Jack/Charlie

Title: Jack Worries About Getting Rescued 
Fandom: Lost
Pairing: Jack/Charlie
Rating: R just to be sure.
Word Length: 100
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Written for: wildannuette
3rd Drabble for my meme challenge
A/N: If you’re interested in submitting a request please check out the rules in my journal.

Everybody’s on the beach, screaming and waving at the rafts.
Charlie elated hugs me. "We’re going home Jack!!!"
I look down and smile. ‘Four years we’ve been together...
I think back about the heroin, when Charlie was shot, all the times I could have lost my love.
So many did die, there’s less than twenty of us now.
So many lost their loves, Sawyer, Sayid, Rose; Jin lost Sun in childbirth.
Death took many. 
Those left behind want to be rescued, hoping to find happiness, or at least peace.
I worry about returning and losing Charlie. ‘Here Charlie loves me…?

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