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Lost Drabbles

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Welcome to the new drabble community for writers of the new ABC series, Lost.

r u l e s

1. New challenges will be posted periodically. You'll have until the next challenge is posted to post your entry. All challenges will be up a minimum of one week.

2. Stories do not necessarily have to be about the challenge topic - they can be about anything you want, up to and including past challenges. The challenge is just there to feed your muse. They also don't have to be exactly 100 words.

3. We accept slash, het, gen or any combination therein. Drabbles can be any rating you like; you also don't have to rate them if you don't want to. You can also post more than one drabble per post. Everything is welcome here. However, flaming is unacceptable. The first time it happens, you'll get a warning. If it happens twice, you're gone.

4. Any drabble containing spoilers for an episode that has not yet aired in the US must be put behind a cut tag and clearly marked with a spoiler warning. We do not consider details of an episode that's already aired to be a spoiler, so you don't have to cut tag those if you don't want to. If you are in a foreign country and haven't seen the episode yet, and are sensitive about spoilers, please be aware that we don't consider any of S1 a spoiler and will not allow authors who post stories revealing S1 plot details to get yelled at for it.

5. If you're posting more than one drabble in the same entry, the cut tag is your friend.

6. There's no limit to the amount of drabbles you post per challenge. In fact, the more you post, the more you rule.

c h a l l e n g e // a r c h i v e s

Way outdated, sorry.

Week 1 - Secrets
Week 2 - Traditions
Week 3 - Morals
Week 4 - Fantasy
Week 5 - Thrills

l i n k s

// l i v e j o u r n a l //
+ castaways - news, images and discussion
+ ficinabottle - the Lost fanfiction LJ community, for longer stories
+ charlie_is_lost - community dedicated to fans of the show and specifically the character of Charlie
+ charliexsayid - For Charlie/Sayid shippers
+ choc_fic - Characters of Color Multi-fandom fanfic community
+ dmonaghan_daily - daily pictures, news and info about Dominic Monaghan
+ dominic_daily - another Dominic Monaghan daily community
+ evangelinefans - fans of Evangeline Lilly
+ flight_815 - Oceanic flight 815 is lost, y'all. =)
+ ian_daily - Ian Somerhalder daily
+ jackkatefans - for Jack/Kate 'shippers
+ lost_fanfic - a community for Lost fanfiction
+ lost_icontest - weekly icon contest featuring Lost icons
+ lost_rpg - a Lost RPG
+ lost_slash - a Lost slash community
+ lost_tv - a discussion community about the show
+ losticons - kind of self explanatory =)

// www //
+ Lost Fanfiction Archive - All genres, all ratings, all pairings - post your drabbles there too!
+ Lost Slash Archive - A large and very good slash-only fic archive
+ The official ABC page
+ Lost FanFiction - The LFA's mailing list on Yahoo!Groups
+ LostMedia - A comprehensive multi-media fan site

more coming soon!

a b o u t

This community is co-maintained by alexajones22, tigress35 and yahtzee63. We are also the maintainers of the Lost FanFiction Archive. If you have any links you'd like to add, please do e-mail us and we'll add it ASAP.

So what are you waiting for? Get writing!

** This bio is shamelessly cribbed inspired by our friends at the_oc_100. Thanks, torchthisnow! **